Checking Your SVG Files You Sell


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Checking Your SVG Files You Sell

Updated: Sep 28, 2019

There's nothing worse than purchasing something online and when it arrives it looks nothing like the picture, or it doesn't function properly. Now imagine a customer purchasing one of your SVG files and when they go to upload it and use it, the file doesn't work properly or you forgot to convert the text to an outline. These are all easy fixes IF the customer contacts you and doesn't automatically leave a nasty review. But imagine you didn't have to stop and take time out of your day to correct something that could have been avoided.

Checking your digital products is just as important as a merchant whose products are physical. You don't have to own a die cutting machine to check your files. So just some things to remember when you are packaging your SVG files.

Uploading your SVG files to Cricut Design Space or Silhouette Software.

This can stop a lot of customers from contacting you after they purchase a file from you and will encourage them to purchase from you again. It can catch a lot of file errors.

  • Forgetting to convert text to an outline.

  • Forgetting to turn your outline to a compound path. (this is especially important when using cursive fonts in your designs.)

  • Finding a weird rouge shape or design element you set off to the side and forgot to delete.

Cutting your design out.

This tip is more if you own a die cutting machine. I purchased my Cricut before I started designing SVG files. Cutting my own files out has helped me catch some design flaws or if a design will be a little more difficult to cut out.

If you don't own a die cutting machine (even though they are a business expense and you can deduct the cost of the machine and ALL the supplies for tax purposes), you could offer free files to a friend or a loyal customer who could test them out for you.

Doing any kind of product testing will help your business grow, as well as let you focus on designing more products or focusing on marketing.

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