DIY Bitmoji Cricut Print then Cut Stickers


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DIY Bitmoji Print then Cut Stickers

Anyone else have a drawer full of stickers they should use before buying/making more? Cool you came to the right place then.

So I was sitting at my computer and thought it would be fun to make some stickers for Day 6, they are a little bit of a different Cricut project, that way I wasn't flooding my Insta with Vinyl & HTV, but then came the "what stickers do I make?" I'm pretty terrible at plannering (is this a word?) I aspire to be organized and have my S*&! together but I'm not there yet. I had some cute watercolor clipart that would have been simple to add a stroke to and maybe a quote or two. But ultimately I'm not sure I would use them. I began to scroll through my Dropbox folder for some images that would possibly work and then I came across a Bitmoji image from a few weeks ago I thought that would be a cute here we are. These take maybe 30 minutes? Depending on your knowledge of Photoshop. You only need a few items and a little patience to create these stickers.

  • Printable Sticker Paper ( I found mine on Amazon)

  • Inkjet Printer (be sure to check your sticker paper to make sure it's not laser.)

  • Cricut Maker

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Bitmoji App

I hopped on my iPad, opened my Bitmoji app and began selecting images. You'll notice most of my Bigmoji I picked revolved around food because I LOVE FOOD! Once they were saved I took them in to Photoshop to remove the background and add a stroke. You don't have to add a stroke but I find It's a quicker cut and looks cleaner.

I then created a Photoshop file with the dimensions of Cricuts Print then Cut settings which are 9.25" x 6.75"with no background and added all my Bitmoji to one sheet and saved it as a PNG file.

Uploaded this to Cricut Design Space and saved it as a Print then cut file. Printed my sheet out, allowed it to dry for a minute. Added it to a overly used Green mat (it wasn't very sticky, if you have sticky mats use a lightgrip mat) and selected the sticker paper setting. The first time I didn't change anything and it didn't kiss cut the sticker sheet it cut through them, I adjusted the pressure and tried again, it cut through again, so depending on the thickness of your sticker paper you will need to adjust if you are just wanting them to be kiss cut.

Aren't these adorable! The Snack Attack one speaks to my constant mood.

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