DIY Disney Savings Fund Frame


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DIY Disney Savings Fund Frame

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

I've achieved a lot so far in my life but there's one that I still haven't gotten to do. Take my family on a magical trip to Disney. So I decided to create this cute frame to remind me to reach that goal but you could customize this to fit whatever money goal you are trying to save up for.

The file for this will be in Facebook Craft Group, if you would like this FREE file join my group here.

The material for this one are things you may already have in your craft supplies.


1-8x8 Memory box frame (with a hole in the top)

Red ribbon for Minnie bow (optional)

Black craft foam

Glitter cardstock

White vinyl

Black vinyl

Standard grip transfer tape


2- Cricut standard grip mat (green)


Hot glue gun

The frame is from Hobby Lobby, I like this one because it had the slit in the top of the frame.

I uploaded the Disney Fund SVG into design space, resized it to fit the glass portion of my frame and cut it out using the vinyl setting on my Cricut. I had preloaded one Cricut mat with black vinyl and one mat with white vinyl. I went ahead and weeded & applied the transfer tape to my decals.

For the ears, all you need to do is determine what size ears you want on your frame, cut 2 circles out, I used my frame to create the cut out where the ears would meet the frame.

(If you have a maker you can cut them out with the knife blade, this foam was just a

little to thick for my Explore Air.)

I decided to make a Minnie frame so I used a wide red ribbon to create a little bow. (find a tutorial to insert)

Once you have all the pieces, you are ready to assemble. You want to start by adding the glitter cardstock inside the frame, this will be the only thing going inside the frame besides all the MONEY you will be saving so you can seal it back up once you have the paper in.

Clean the glass with a little rubbing alcohol to remove any dust and residue before adding the vinyl. While it's drying plug in your hot glue gun to heat up. Once it's dry transfer the polka dot vinyl, & then the Disney Fund decal.

I stood my frame up to add the ears, so grab that glue gun & apply the ears to the top corners of the frame. If you decide to do a Minnie frame I attached my bow to the center of the frame in front of the slot for the money, allow the hot glue to dry and you are done! Set your frame somewhere you will see it and can remind yourself to save up for that magical trip.

Watch the full tutorial on this video here.

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