How To Create Mockups In Cricut Design Space


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How To Create Mockups In Cricut Design Space

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

When you sell your crafts online you may have a customer who wants to see a finished product before going through with a purchase. This can be costly especially when the item is customized to the customer and they end up having changes or worse "decide it's not what they were looking for." Insert mockups to save the day with a big sparkly cape on!

Mockups can be a crafters best friend next to their Cricut and they are super easy to make in a program you already love----> Design Space!

The first thing you will want to do is photograph your mock up with. This is one I took last year when I was making holiday gifts for my family and friends. If you would like to use this free of charge all I ask is you join my Facebook group here. (I'll post all my freebies here along with other goodies exclusive to my group members!)

You can also purchase mock ups on Design Bundles. <disclaimer this is an affiliate link & I may receive a small commission if you purchase something from my link at no additional cost to you!>

So after you have your mockup photographed you will want to upload it to Design Space as a PRINT THEN CUT image. Insert the image to your Design Space Canvas.

Add your text or SVG file to that same DS canvas. Resize your SVG file to fit where you are wanting the design.

You can change the color to mimic what color vinyl or HTV you will be using.

After you are satisfied with the Mockup look all you need to do is Screenshot your masterpiece or use your SNIP tool on your windows and save it as a JPG to your desktop and send it to your customer or use it to post on social to get more sales.

Watch the the full tutorial in action below.

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