I Got A Cricut Maker!


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I Got A Cricut Maker!

After I purchased my Cricut Explore One back in 2017 the maker was still relatively new and I wasn't sure how much I was going to enjoy my machine. I had just started creating SVG files for my digital store and wanted to purchase my machine to test my files. The more I used my files the more I really enjoyed my Cricut. I decided to upgrade to a Cricut Maker for Christmas this year. I ordered from Michael's and even got a little cash back with Rakuten.

The biggest differences I noticed about my New maker vs my Explore air one was there is a weight difference the maker is heavier. There also isn't an open button on the maker or a material dial. You set all materials in Design Space. I also really enjoyed the Bluetooth built in, the explore has an option to purchase a Bluetooth adapter I always just kept mine hooked up directly to my computer. Operating the Maker wasn't much different than the Explore. It does cut faster and more precise. I haven't purchased any of the Maker Exclusive Tools yet but it's on my list!

Current Maker Exclusive Tools

  1. Knife Blade

  2. Rotary Blade (this one came with my Maker)

  3. QuickSwap Housing Tools:

  • Single Scoring Wheel Tip

  • Double Scoring Wheel Tip

  • Engraving Tip

  • Perforation Blade Tip

  • Debossing Tip

  • Wavy Blade Tip

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