Using SVG files to Create Invites In Design Space


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Using SVG files to Create Invites In Design Space

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

Creating my kids invitations were some of my favorite parts of planning their party. I only wished I'd had a Cricut then! So let's check out how to make invites using your Print then Cut option in design space.

Before I start the design I used is available to purchase here:

The font I used is Marimba Sans it is available to purchase here:

The first thing I'm going to do is create the invite size, I'm just going to create a standard A7 or 5x7. To do this I'm just using the square tool and unlocking it so I can create the dimensions I want.

I change the fill to white and make sure to keep this layer linetype as a cut.

I'm going to use my So Long School Hello Pool SVG available here I've uploaded it into design space and inserted it into my canvas. You will notice the SVG is still showing it as a cut file to fix this simply select the fill and select print, you'll notice by doing this the linetype fill has a red mark threw it noting it will now be printed instead of cutting.

Now it's time to add your info! Using the Text tool add your text and again changing fill to print. Once you have all your info you can add more design elements to make your design really pop! I just added a simple polka dot border to separate a portion of the info and a simple block to separate the time and rsvp info.

Now before hitting make it be sure to select your entire design flatten the design elements and then attach them to keep them in the proportion you like.

Now you are ready to print and then cut as many as you need!

Watch the entire tutorial on how I design my Invites in Design Space below.

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